SEGA Classics ‘Alex Kidd in Miracle World’ and ‘Gain Ground’ Out Now on Nintendo Switch

Retro gamers, we have some exciting news for you all, especially those that love SEGA classics. Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Gain Ground are now available for the Nintendo Switch for $7.99 each.

As part of the SEGA AGES collection, these two titles take players on one rad nostalgia trip. For Alex Kidd, players take on the role of, you guessed it, Alex Kidd, who has rock-crushing fists. With these powerful fists, it’s up to you to smash rocks, collect items, and even play Rock, Paper, Scissors with evil baddies as you traverse the kingdom of Radaction in hopes to take down the evil villain Janken the Great.

While this is the old-school-cool classic that fans know and love, the version for Switch features a new ranking system, a rewind option, two Time-Attack challenge modes, and much more.

For Gain Ground, on the other hand, it’s an arcade-faithful adaptation that’s set in the year 2348. One might think the future, especially during this time, would be free-of-error, yet something terrible has gone horribly wrong — the Gain Ground battle-simulation has gone crazy in Gain Ground. People are trapped inside the simulation, but fear not, not all hope is lost — thanks to you.

Choose between twenty playable characters, each with their own unique skills, and then — go out there and rescue those in need — all the while saving yourself from being trapped. But you don’t have to do this all by yourself. as Gain Ground features a three-player local multiplayer option.

Back in the day, Gain Ground was known for its impressive level of detail. While most arcade and SEGA Genesis titles ran at 320×224 resolution, Gain Ground sported a sweet 496×384 resolution thanks to its powerful System 24 board. The more you know, eh?

Alex Kidd was also rad for its time because, fun fact, it and Phantasy Star shared some of the same development staff, so many references from the former appear in the latter. For instance, the Psycho Wand in Alex Kidd is wielded by Lutz in Phantasy Star. The more you know, eh?

Go back in time a bit by checking out the trailer and screenshots for Alex Kidd and Gain Ground below:

Alex Kidd in Miracle World 

Gain Ground

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