The Alchemist Code Revealed Upcoming Collaboration Event With Etrian Odyssey

The Alchemist Code Revealed Upcoming Collaboration Event With Etrian Odyssey

Gumi inc announced that their free-to-play strategy RPG The Alchemist Code will launch a collaboration event with the Atlus developed dungeon crawling RPG Etrian Odyssey.

From April 4 through April 24, The Alchemist Code players will be able to get the chance to summon unique characters from Etrian Odyssey.

Collaboration Units:

  • Shaman
  • Harbinger
  • Sovereign
  • Protector

Additionally, the event will give players the chance to also summon Etrian Odyssey versions of The Alchemist Code characters, including:

  • Dragoon Chloe
  • Dancer Shenmei

During the event, players who complete the Etrian Odyssey collaboration quests will receive 2 characters, Fencer and Gunner, for free.

There’s also some gear available for players as they unlock character’s Master Abilities:

  • Protector Shield
  • Sovereign Scepter
  • Shaman’s Sacrifice Ritual
  • Harbinger’s Doom Scythe
  • Fencer’s Light Metal Rapier
  • Gunner Rifle

The new quest line will include characters from Etrian Odyssey as they were summoned to Babel by Ouroboros to fight off a horde of monsters never seen before. The group investigates a black knight who has been attacking everything in sight, but they don’t know if this person is friend or foe.

The Alchemist Code is available now free-to-play on iOS and Android devices.

You can check out some screenshots from the quests and character illustrations below:

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