Alan Wake 2 Launches New Game Plus, New Ending & Nightmare Difficulty; Performance Improved, Bugs Fixed

Alan Wake 2 Launches New Game Plus, New Ending & Nightmare Difficulty; Performance Improved, Bugs Fixed

Remedy Entertainment has announced that they have updated Alan Wake 2 to feature New Game Plus, comprising a new ending, a new Nightmare difficulty level, and new collectibles for lore.

Further, several bugs of varying severity have been remedied.

You can view the quoted patch notes for Alan Wake 2 below:

New Game Plus mode 

  • New ending 
  • New Nightmare difficulty level 
  • New Manuscript pages and video content 
  • Retain all unlocked videos, Charms, and upgrades 

NOTE: To access the New Game Plus mode, a completed playthrough of Alan Wake 2 is required. In New Game Plus, you will find the unlocked weapons in the first available shoebox for the character. 


  • Improved overall quality of the occlusion culling algorithm, improving GPU performance especially on locations with a lot of geometry.  
  • The performance upgrade is most visible in the PlayStation 5 Quality mode, where (incredibly) there are up to 1.8ms improvements. Cauldron Lake should be coughing less. 
  • Optimized HUD UI content setup so rendering the HUD takes less time. This brings between ~0.5-0.7ms improvements to performance. 
  • A few selected tweaks and optimizations for path tracing and rendering. 
  • Improved streaming by removing occasional 10 – 100ms stalls that mostly affected Xbox Series platforms. 
  • Reduced memory usage by 16 MB on all platforms. 
  • [PC] Slightly improved performance on by removing some error diagnostics instrumentation. 


  • Changed when some Tutorials appear in the Tutorials menu. 
  • Added a timeout to the Tutorial about Fadeouts. 
  • Players can now slow down to walking speed while a Tutorial is open. 
  • Tutorial messages are not slowing down player movement speed anymore. 
  • If tutorials are disabled, the player won’t be locked in the diorama when the first investigation clue gathering tutorial would take place… 


  • Fixed several infuriating Lua script errors that made the game more stable and less unpredictable. 
  • Fixed a hang on Xbox that could occur when attempting to suspend the application during launch. 
  • Fixed audio middleware crash on Xbox Series platforms. 
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen during streaming. 


  • Somewhat reduced specular aliasing (“shimmering”) on shiny surfaces with a new algorithm. 
  • Improved Trailer Park cinematic lighting. 
  • Improved shadow quality inside the Valhalla Nursing Home to respect the elderly even more. 
  • Flashlight shadows are now prioritized to avoid a blocky look in locations featuring heavy dynamic lights usage. 
  • Fixed (or ruined, depending on your view) the “chameleon chair” visible in front of the sauna. It’s not changing color anymore ???? 
  • Fixed LODs on the hotdog stand. 
  • Fixed a variety of broken or ugly LODs. 
  • Fixed incorrect rendering culling mode on leaf and coffee pot materials to prevent path tracing issues. 
  • Fixed broken materials on the garage building in downtown Bright Falls raising property value. 
  • [PC] Improved quality for low ray-tracing preset, fixing flickering fireflies on character’s faces during cinematics. 

Audio & localization 

  • Improved overall audio quality on PlayStation 5. 
  • Fixed lip sync being off during the cinematic where Saga and Casey arrive at Cauldron Lake. 
  • Localization fixes for agent Estevez audio lines. 
  • Additional fixes for localized subtitles. 

We are still working on the audio sync being off for some players on Xbox Series and expect to address this in our next update. 


  • Fixed an issue with Koskela Brothers Coffee World ad that prevented some players from unlocking the related trophy.
  • Father Doll should now be easier to find on the map so that players can complete the last Nursery Rhyme.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could be blocked by medical balls by resetting the Wellness Centre props when the mission Return 09 starts. 
  • Fixed an issue where skipping a cinematic during Deerfest would bring forth premature darkness by fading the screen to black. 
  • Added heavy duty blockers to stop the player potentially falling out of the world in Return 05 near the Nursing Home. 
  • Removed the force camera look-at of the Dark Substance at the Witch’s Ladle if the player walks away. 
  • Disabled the Reality Switch VFX bleeding in the lodge in Return 04. 
  • Fixed a mysterious blocky shadow in the Sheriff’s station staircase. 
  • Added a loading screen if skipping a cinematic in Initiation 02 so that lighting can take its time to load correctly. 
  • Fixed pesky FBC light arrays in Return 06 and 09 to restore their state after loading a save game, and to show the correct visuals when powered on/off. 
  • Fixed an issue of not being able to pick up some items from red toolboxes after loading into a saved game. 
  • Fixed a rude manuscript page that was visible but not interactive in Valhalla Home forest shack.
  • Fixed an issue where an invisible collision was active near the Bright Falls Sheriff’s Station, making a section of a nearby street narrower than intended. 
  • Fixed an issue where manuscript pages would stay blank after switching levels when a single page was available in the Mind Place. 
  • Fixed English being sometimes unselectable in the language drop-down menu after changing language. 
  • Found manuscript pages should not show up on the map anymore.
  • Added UI prompt for items that can be placed from hand to the Case Board. 
  • Fixed an issue where Saga was misplaced on the ladder after being attacked by the Taken in the Overlap. 
  • Made ladder interaction icons better positioned. 
  • Disabled crossbow magnet for dead enemies.
  • Fixed missing subtitles in cinematics.
  • The player’s inventory now closes when an enemy grapples the player.  
  • Allow enemies to recover from grapple quick escape when stun ends. 
  • Changed the orientation of the hint on top of the Bright Falls Sheriff Station Cult Stash so that it its more readable.
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t wield a weapon after being interrupted by being hit in the boss fight at the end of Return 03. 
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases Estevez would not talk to Saga after coming back from the morgue (optional dialogue).
  • Added a new goal in Initiation 08 after entering the crime scene so that players are not left without objective in the Dark Place.
  • Fixed an issue where Alan could reload his weapon while simultaneously doing a Light Shift. Seems like a thing he should be able to do, but anyway. 
  • Fixed an issue where Saga could reload invisible weapons even though she was socially bound to not wield weapons in certain areas (kertaus on opintojen äiti). 
  • Fixed an issue where Saga was able to reload the flashlight and other weapons simultaneously causing the unholstered weapon to disappear and reappear after flashlight reload was completed. 
  • [PC] Added drag and drop support for moving items in the Inventory and Shoebox. 
  • [PC] Added a mouse smoothing option (defaulted to on) to prioritize mouse and camera. Movement smoothness over accuracy. 
  • [PC] Fixed an issue with the mouse that resulted in jittery camera movements if not playing in 30fps. 

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Alan Wake 2 is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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