Akupara Says “NFTs Are a Tool of Greed That Do Nothing to Improve the Game Industry” Following Stolen Assets Sold as NFTs

NFTs. Just the word itself can make anyone’s skin on edge these days, and for a good reason. And that’s where our story begins today, as developer and publisher Akupara Games, known for their games such as Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery and Gone Viral, have published a statement stating that art and musical assets have been put up on NFT auction websites without the consent of the publisher.

The statement then goes to follow to say that “NFTs do nothing to improve the game industry, and they are a scam.”

Honestly? I’m super glad we have another developer/publisher that isn’t giving in to this fad that is NFTs, and I strongly hope that others realize just how stupid they are.

You can view their full statement below:


Akupara Games is preparing to launch Kardboard Kings: Card Shop Simulator on February 10. This sim game has players collect over 100 unique cards that they can buy, sell, and flex during gameplay. Further, the sim elements allow players to build the perfect card shop and manage the day-to-day workflow.

Players play as Harry Hsu, a young man who recently inherited a card shop from his father, a former champion of the famous card game “Warlock.” With the shop’s reputation on the line, you start working behind the counter, juggling the locals’ requests while trying to familiarize yourself with owning a shop.

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