Fighting Rhythm Puzzle Game ‘Akashicforce’ Comes to PC This Month

Fruitbat Factory announced that the Endless Shirafu developed “Lovecraft-esque puzzle/action/fighting/rhythm” Akashicforce is coming to PC-via Steam in the west on March 29.

Akashicforce is a puzzle and rhythm game where players must input commands to use moves as they would in a fighting game. Are you still with me? The goal in the game is for players to crush their opponents with an unmanageable amount of blocks. However, while doing so, players will need to make sure that they are clearing out any blocks being thrown their way by the enemy.

Akashicforce features a mix of different game genres, as you could easily tell, with 6 playable characters. Additionally, there is a local split-screen multiplayer option, but no online mode at this time. The game will also have English and Japanese support.

The publisher released a new trailer showing gameplay from Akashicforce and the characters that players will meet during the game’s campaign. Akashicforce will be priced at $12.99 and can pre-ordered at discount from Fruitbat Factory’s store. The game will also launch with a free demo.

You can watch the new gameplay trails below:

Author’s take: This game actually looks really fun. I wonder how it will do without online modes since that is a drawing point for some PC players.

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