Classic Yuri Visual Novels ‘Akai Ito’ and ‘Aoi Shiro’ HD Remasters Coming West on PC and Switch; Simultaneous Release with Japan This May

Publisher Success has opened the Akai Ito HD and Aoi Shiro HD pages on the Switch eShop and Steam. The classic yuri visual novels will be available in English for the first time on May 25, 2023. Though the games were already revealed to include English subtitles in their Japanese release, the company had not previously confirmed if they’d be released on western storefronts or not.

Akai Ito and Aoi Shiro are a duology of yuri mystery visual novels originally developed for the PlayStation 2. Neither game included sexual content in their previous releases as they focus more on the tragedy aspect of the protagonists’ relationship.

In Akai Ito, we assume the role of Kei Hatou (CV: Matsuki Miyu), a young girl who’s nice and carefree. After losing her family, she decides to visit the house in Hemizuka which was originally her father’s. On the way there, she has a mysterious dream of a huge tree and a woman who seems completely torn by sadness. She’ll soon find out it’s all connected to secrets hidden in Hemizuka.

Aoi Shiro tells the story of a 2nd-year student called Osanai Shouko (CV: Hidaka Noriko). As the ace of the kendo team, she’s well liked and constantly strives to be the best, but she gets teased often for being too serious. During Summer, the kendo team decides to do a training camp at Shoushinji. Near there lies Urashima, an island rumored to be related to demon extermination long ago. When a mysterious girl washes up on the shore, hidden truths will come to light.

You can find Akai Ito HD on Steam and the Switch eShop and the planned price for the game is $ 19.99. The same price applies for Aoi Shiro HD, which is also on Steam and the eShop.

Check out the first screenshots for the games’ English translations below.

Akai Ito HD

Aoi Shiro HD


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