Romance Visual Novel ‘Aikagi’ Launches on Steam in the West

Frontwing announced they have released the Azarashi Software-developed visual novel Aikagi on PC-via Steam in the west.

Aikagi is a kinetic romance visual novel released in Japan in 2017. The game is now officially available in the west from their in-house translation team, the members of which are proficient Japanese to English translators who possess JLPT N1 certification or equivalent.

Aikagi follows Sunohara Nozomu, who has just been told to move out on his own and become more independent, but he’s having trouble making ends meet. It’s also mentioned that he doesn’t even know how to cook for himself.

However, her comes his childhood friend, Takanashi Shiori, who offers Nozomu to live with her. How convenient. I guess it goes without saying, but they end up getting closer. The theme of the game is meant to portray a boy who takes time to understand how to be independent, which sounds counterintuitive when he’s living with someone else, but we aren’t complaining.

Further, the publisher has confirmed that an adult patch is available for those who wish to get a little closer to Shiori.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with future published titles from this team.

For now, you can check out some of the screenshots from the game to get a preview of the characters and illustrations below:

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