‘AI: The Somnium Files’ Day One Stream Teases Upcoming Voice Over Livestream

To celebrate the digital release of AI: The Somnium Files, Spike Chunsoft had a stream showcasing some neat tibits about the game. Hosted by the Localization editor and the PR manager, the duo did an unboxing of the ‘secret agent edition’ before handing it over to Iris Sagan for a stream.

Hang on a second.

If you haven’t been in the loop, that’s the in-universe idol character, Tesa, AKA A-Set. Iris Sagan, Tesa, A-Set, they’re all the same person. Character, rather. Iris’ video is a let’s play of a small portion of the game’s first couple of hours. After this, it was announced that there would be another livestream, on the 24th of September. This stream will feature voice actors who play various roles in AI: The Somnium Files:

  • Greg Chun (Voice of Date Kaname)
  • Erika Harlacher (Voice of Aiba)
  • Jackie Lastra (Voice of A-SET YOU BET! I mean, Iris Sagan.)

The voice actor stream will air on the 24th of September at 6PM PDT.

You can find the release day twitch stream here and the A-Set let’s play below.

AI: The Somnium Files is a game about an investigator looking into what appears to be a copycat murder of serial killings from six years ago. A woman is found at an abandoned amusement park with her eye gouged out. Date Kaname is assigned to the case and he can use a machine to extract information from suspects, or witness’ dreams. You can also check out our preview for AI: The Somnium Files for extra background on the game here. Or check out our review where I have entirely too much fun playing the game.



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