‘AI: The Somnium Files’ Gets New Character Trailers

Tying into their panel at Anime Expo, new trailers have been uploaded for the upcoming adventure mystery game AI: The Somnium Files, coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 17 in North America and September 19 in Europe. These new trailers are more in lieu of standard character trailers and don’t show any particulary new information like the first gameplay trailer did. However, they do show off the voice cast, for both the game’s English and Japanese dubs.

You can find the character trailers below:


Japanese, with English subtitles

Please check out our coverage of the Anime Expo panel, where character artist Kozaki Yusuke showed off some of his early concept designs for a few of the cast members. You can also see what he’s capable of drawing in under 50 minutes. It would have been 50 minutes, but some moron decided to light up a cigarette in one of the bathrooms so the whole panel got cut off . There’s always something going on when Director Kotaro Uchikoshi shows up, huh?

You can also find the first gameplay trailer and details on the game’s special edition here.

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