Retro Puzzle Platformer ‘Agartha’ PC Release Date Revealed

Fruitbat Factory has announced that veteran developer Shindenken’s (I’m Gonna Be God of the Forest, The QUALIA series) new puzzle platformer Agartha is arriving on PC on March 20 for $7.99. The new title is currently available for pre-order on the official Fruitbat Factory store with a 20 percent pre-order discount.

In Agartha, players will take on the role of various adventurers and carve their way through countless deep underground levels with only limited resources. The underground world that players will explore is an aggregation of natural phenomena such as water streams, falling rocks, steam cooling into liquid, and water freezing solid, so players will need to watch out for multiple hazards during their adventure.

Speaking of adventure, there will be a wide array of adventurers for players to choose from, including a gunner, esper, wizard, ninja, and even a farmer, which I’m assuming will each have their own unique abilities and skills.

As far as the launch of the title goes, Fruitbat Factory has also shared that they will release a dual language (English and Japanese) version of the game for PC on Steam and other distributors.

Go deep within Agartha by diving into the puzzle platformer’s trailer and screenshots below:

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Brad Crespo

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