2D Action RPG ‘Afterimage’ Launches Update Adding 2 New Playable Characters

2D Action RPG ‘Afterimage’ Launches Update Adding 2 New Playable Characters

Publisher Modus Games and developer Aurogon Shanghai have announced that their 2D action-adventure RPG, Afterimage, has received the Trio in the Sea content update.

The Trial of the Soul mode now has Karsa and 42 as new playable characters. The former uses a sword in combat and can enter the unique Flowing Stance, which has skills that continuously consume MP. On the other hand, 42 specializes in Crystallization Spells.

You can view the new Afterimage content update trailer below:

Throughout Afterimage, players explore the non-linear world of Engardin following a cataclysm simply known as “The Razing.” Mankind’s civilizations were decimated beyond repair, and those remaining were struck by powerful mystic forces.

A victim of these assaults, Renee, seeks to learn more about these attacks, causing her to leave her destroyed village. However, her actions, stemming from resolute curiosity, initiate a chain of events determining the world’s future.

The gameplay has players traverse hand-drawn landscapes with RPG and Metroidvania-like elements. In particular, there are over 200 pieces of equipment to collect, six weapon classes to master, and talent points utilized to invest in various skills.

Several unique environments and boss battles await those skilled enough to push these systems to their limits. Further, over 150 enemy varieties can 40 tracks were crafted for this 25-30 hour adventure.

Afterimage is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, check out our review.

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