Aether Gazer’s ‘Countertide Whalesong’ Event Unveils New S-Grade Modifiers, Exclusive Storylines & Abundant Rewards

Yostar has just announced that Aether Gazer, their anime-themed ARPG, will be having its first summer event along with the release of Version 1.1, titled Countertide Whalesong. In this Version Update, players embark on an oceanic exploration, and engage in challenging limited-time activities. Furthermore, players can also unlock two S-Grade Modifiers, and discover alluring new swimsuit outfits.

In the Countertide Whalesong event, which is held from June 27 to August 1, players’ plans are abruptly interrupted by an unexpected sea expedition. While sailing the open waters, their journey takes a dramatic turn as they find themselves entangled in a mysterious and perilous maritime disaster. Players can engage in various challenges, including Island Exploration, Storm Beacon, Azure Catch, Bubble Realm, Inverse Limit Simulation, Battlefield Simulation and so on. By overcoming these trials, players can obtain P-FLO, which can be exchanged for Sigil Module T3, Reconstructors, Origin Radiance, and other cultivation materials.

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Furthermore, three new Modifiers have also been introduced: The S-Grades Skadi, Leviathan and the A-Grade Kali. Skadi excels in both close-quarters and long-range combat, exhibiting impressive damage output. Leviathan leans towards cooperative teamwork, providing significant resistance bonuses and substantial healing capabilities, and finally, Kali exhibits powerful mechanics and an impressive damage multiplier.

Lastly, the Version 1.1 update brings a variety of exciting new items to the in-game store, including the Summer Lovin’ outfit for Jin-ei – Kuninotokotachi and the Summer Blush outfit for Early Sakura – Ookuninushi. These stylish outfits allow players to dress their characters in trendy summer fashion, adding a fresh and vibrant look to their gameplay. In addition, there are a series of Skadi Exclusive Packs, allowing players to effortlessly enhance Skadi as well.

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Aether Gazer is an anime sci-fi, ARPG mobile game with thrilling combat mechanics, an engrossing futuristic 3D world, and memorable characters in a fascinating story. Players will assume the role of Administrators and take control of Modifiers to protect the future of humanity.

Experience the unique gameplay mechanics, which include controlling one character and two AI teammates in a three-team squad, enabling players to battle alongside their AI teammates, creating an immersive and dynamic experience. Moreover, players can build extensive strategies by coordinating with their team members, unleashing chained combat mechanics using varied movement.

You can watch the trailer for Countertide Whalesong below:

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