AeternoBlade II Developer, Corecell Games, Shares Message Revealing Conflicts With Publisher PQube

Developer Corecell Games has shared a message regarding their partnership with publisher PQube. Their title, AeternoBlade II, was published for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in Europe in October 2019.

However, Corecell Games revealed that PQube “only paid a small part of the minimum guarantee of the signing milestone by the time [they] sent them the game, and [PQube] never paid the remaining milestones.” Due to this unfortunate circumstance and a lack of a reached solution, the developer naturally sought to terminate their publishing partnership with PQube around September 2020.

Unfortunately, PQube outright refused to return publishing control and has continued to reap the console revenue of AeternoBlade II. Eventually, at an undisclosed time, PQube offered to provide back publishing control to Corecell Games if they kept this entire matter a secret, but the developer was against this notion. They have since contacted platform holders to remove AeternoBlade II from their storefronts, with Nintendo and Sony already having done so in the European stores. Still, the developer has not received any revenue from that region.

Regardless of these issues, Corecell Games promises to go back to working on AeternoBlade II to implement patches and new content.

For those unaware, the developers for A Space for the Unbound previously revealed conflicts they had with publisher PQube.

You can view Corecell Games’ full message regarding PQube below:

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