Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Impressions – Stylish Runner

When it comes to indie games, I am generally drawn towards projects with a unique style and artistic flair, preferably with cool concepts attached to them. Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield exudes this presentation, which had my attention from its reveal. After being shown during Nintendo’s Indie World event and launching a surprise demo, I took the opportunity to play this exceptionally cool running adventure.

In Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, players take the role of Wally who is on a mission to save the future while having to outrun pesky enemies that are chasing him throughout a futuristic Tokyo-style version of Detroit. The demo takes us through three levels that show off bits and pieces of the narrative through cutscenes in a show-don’t-tell kind of manner. It is interesting to see a Runner-style game have a narrative interspersed with the gameplay style.

The game’s cell-shaded graphics is stylish and striking. It also performs smoothly whenever you are in gameplay, but this demo did have a slight dip or two during my playthrough. However, it didn’t affect the gameplay experience too much for me as it didn’t occur during crucial moments when facing obstacles. I also have to say that the soundtrack is awesome and fits the style and atmosphere of the game to a T with stylish beats.

Aerial Knights Never Yield 2

Gameplay-wise, Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield takes the concept of Runner-style games and mixes it with free-running/Parkour elements, and presents it as a side-scroller on top of that. The gameplay is fast-paced, with various obstacles that you have to jump, short-hop, dash, and slide pas to get through stages.

Luckily well telegraphed and color-coded to the various actions mapped to the D-Pad. As straightforward as it is, there’s a slow-motion feature present when near an obstacle allowing you to learn when to hit the specific directions. This lasts rather long while playing in Normal Mode.

That said, taking on the demo in Hard mode takes the training wheels off, and the slow-motion ends sooner, and Insane mode almost completely takes away the slow-motion with the addition of more obstacles to avoid and no warnings. There’s a decent challenge here since I did die quite a few times while going through the demo, no matter which mode I played through.

Aerial Knights Never Yield 1

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is noted to be the passion project of the developer known as Aerial_Knight. After playing the demo, I 100% feel that they put a lot of love into this experience, and it shows during each level that I was able to play. I’m not exactly experienced with Runner games, but I think this is one to put on your radar.

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