Adventure RPG ‘An Adventurer’s Tale’ Gets Approved for Steam With Release Date

Top Hat Studios announced that the Epic Works developer adventure RPG An Adventurer’s Tale will release on PC-via Steam on May 23.

The game was previously released on Itch after it was held up in Steam’s approval process. However, the wait wasn’t long after that the studio revealed that the adventure will be available for Steam users. The announcement also included a look at the approval process for PC developers on Steam that shows the steps the team has to take to get their game on the platform.

An Adventurer’s Tale follows Garth, a hero who set out from his home in the capital city in the Kingdom of Gronia to become a famous warrior. However, it seems more likely that the adventurer finds himself in comedic moments due to his escapades, such as hanging out with the Lord’s Daughter and getting caught. While searching for a true adventure, he ends up finding a Lich King, who is born once a millennium and feared by all. However, something freezes Garth’s in his tracks a woman who he knows named Grisette.

An Adventurer’s Tale features a large open world with an RPG battle system that focuses on fast combat. The game has side-quests and character interactions that add to the main quest. Choices made during dialog have an effect on the story that branches into several paths. The game also features an endless procedurally generated quest mode in New Game+.

The developer details the explicit content in the game: Features non-explicit, but slightly crude situations, cartoon violence, and strong language; contains crude, slightly sexual humor which may not be appropriate for younger audiences, including references to sex, but no actual explicit or on-screen content. Also contains references to tobacco and alcohol and mild cursing. There is no explicit content in the main build of the game.

You can watch the trailer for the game below:

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