Adventure RPG ‘Trials of Mana’ Gets New Trailer Introducing Hawkeye and Riesz

Square Enix released a new trailer for their adventure RPG remake, Trials of Mana, coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Steam on April 24, 2020.

This trailer is the final character trailer in the series and focuses on Hawkeye and Riesz. Hawkeye is seen as a laidback and charming young man, who joins the group from his hometown of Nevarl. However, he may or may just be a charming thief, we’ll go with “may.” Next up, Riesz is a young princess from Laurent and the captain of the Amazon guard, she adds her strength and will to the group, which helps in many of their encounters.

Originally released as Seiken Densetsu 3 in Japan, 1994, Trials of Mana is making a receiving a newly updated engine and presentation for this remake of the original. The game has been recreated for HD platforms along with a new battle system and graphics.

Trials of Mana tells the story of six heroes who’s fates will have them fighting towards the same goal of protecting the world when its Mana has been weakened. Each character has a different fighting style and path on the adventure. Players are able to switch through the characters in real-time to utilize their different abilities and skills in the field

Those who pre-purchase the game by May 21, 2o20 on console will receive a Rabite Adornment DLC, which allows players to gain more EXP after battles up to level 10. PS4 pre-orders will include an exclusive avatar set of the heroes and PC purchasers will receive the Rabite Adronment DLC along with an exclusive wallpaper set.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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