Adventure RPG ‘RESISTOR’ Announced by PQube for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC & Switch; Features Racing + Multiple Endings

PQube announced they will publish the Long Way Home-developed narrative-driven adventure RPG RESISTOR. The title features racing gameplay across desert landscapes with various outposts and other environments to explore on foot.

As players traverse this land dominated by corporations, they’ll accept missions from the vast cast, boost their reputation, unlock additional story arcs, and achieve multiple endings. Defeating bosses will enable access to new car abilities, and teammates who all have their own affinity levels can be recruited. Further, growing one’s reputation lends access to base and area improvement, providing new locales.

Regarding customization, it’s all pretty extensive for both vehicles and drives, featuring options for outfits, vehicle parts, music themes, and more that can be altered at the garage. It’s also worth noting that the new UK development team comprises AAA veterans who worked on Mass Effect Trilogy, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Days Gone.

The game occurs in 2060, when the world’s governments have destroyed each other, leaving self-contained city-states led by corporations. The citizens within the cities live luxurious lives, though the ones out in the desert have to eke out a living. Annual racing tournaments are held to remain “competitive but friendly,” with the ultimate prize being citizenship, essentially guaranteeing a better livelihood.

The protagonist is Aster, who enters the latest racing tournament held by Dekker Industries to ultimately gain the healthcare needed for her sickly mother. She’s also the progeny of the last great racer, her father. She inherits his legendary custom STAGNUM and enters the tournament with her best friend. Quin. However, Aster comes to learn that life in the city is not as perfect as it appears.

You can view screenshots and key art for RESISTOR via our gallery below:

You can view the announcement trailer for RESISTOR below:

RESISTOR will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store at an unknown time. Wishlisting is now available.

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