Adventure RPG ‘Gnosia’ Coming West to Switch Early 2021

During the December 2020 Indie World Showcase, Playism announced that they will publish the Petit Depot-developed adventure RPG Gnosia in the west on Nintendo Switch. Other platforms have not been announced at this time.

Gnosia is a mystery about Gnosiawho is pretending to be human. They’ll do whatever they can to get close, trick, and deceive you. Their only goal is to eradicate each person in the vicinity of the universe. What makes things worse is that this game takes place on a spaceship where Gnosia is currently present, and everyone is suspect.

With someone amongst the crew being the enemy, players will need to formulate a plan if they hope to survive. Those who are most suspicious will be put into a “cold sleep” in an effort to keep the threat of Gnosia at bay.

However, it’s almost impossible to tell who is Gnosia, and that’s what makes this adventure so difficult. Through gameplay, players will follow clues and investigate their surroundings to choose who is Gnosia. Alas, it isn’t going to be easy, but this game sure looks fun.

You can check out some screenshots of Gnosia below, which show off the game’s menu systems and character to give a better idea of the gameplay:

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