Adventure RPG ‘Blade XLord’ From Final Fantasy Series Developers Launches in the West

Applibot announced that their hero collecting adventure RPG, Blade XLord, is available now in the west on iOS and Android devices.

Blade XLord has been downloaded over 10 million times in Japan and is now available to western players. The development team features Project Lead Hisatoshi Hayakashi (Executive Producer of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, Director of Last Cloudia), Lead Artist Yukio Nakatani (Effects Artist on Chrono Trigger, Environmental Artist on Final Fantasy VII) and Writer Mitsuo Iwao (Director of Star Ocean: The Last Hope).

Blade XLord follows two heroes, Ryde and Meryl, who have been exiled after evil forces led by Quo Vadis invaded the Ladguin Kingdom. The two must rebuild their home and restore justice. However, they can’t do it alone, which is why they must recruit allies and build forces to defeat Quo Vadis and his summoned monsters.

During gameplay, players can build an army of 32 character classes and equip them with over 64 different weapons. Throughout the story, players will face off against 18 boss battles and numerous challenges.

Blade XLord features some auto features that allow players to auto-battle and there are also auto-loop options for players who can’t be bothered to play on their phones, but still want the glory of defeating Quo Vadis.

Blade XLord’s goal is to provide something for everyone: an emotional high fantasy story for RPG fans, idle options for the busiest among us, and challenges for our most competitive players,” said Kazunari Ebihara, Producer (Overseas Markets), Applibot. “Our Japanese fans have enjoyed this combination, and we are confident our new fans in the United States and Canada will become hooked as well.”

You can watch the launch trailer and check out some screenshots below:

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