Spooky-Cute Hand-Drawn Adventure ‘Children of Silentown’ Receives New Trailer; PC and Console Release Early 2022

Daedalic Entertainment, Elf Games, and Luna2 Studio have revealed a brand new trailer for their upcoming hand-drawn adventure title, Children of Silentown. Throughout this title, Lucy and her friends live in a village, unfortunately, surrounded by a monster-filled forest. When inhabitants’ disappearances start to become a bit too normalized, and Lucy just can’t take it anymore, she takes it upon herself to investigate these bizarre happenings.

The village houses numerous clues and puzzles to be uncovered as well as a quirky cast of characters that help bring life to this admittedly drab state of affairs. Music also plays a vital role in the experience, with Lucy’s learning of singing being indescribably helpful for certain situations.

Further, items can be combined to create tools aiding with progression, which is also bolstered by intricate exploration. Finally, minigames with other children of the village serve to lighten to darkened burdens of Lucy’s tasks. There is apparently a really mean cat too.

You can view the newest gameplay and story trailer for Children of Silentown below:

Children of Silentown is releasing for PC via Steam and unspecified consoles in early 2022. For those wanting a taste of the action, the title’s prologue is currently playable on Steam.

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