PlayStation 1 Puzzle Adventure ‘Addie’s Present’ English Fan Translation Now Available

Fan translators EsperKnight and Cargodin have launched an English translation patch for the PlayStation 1 puzzle adventure game Addie’s Present.

Known in Japan as Addie no Okurimono: To Moze, the story’s premise is described as follows:

On the eve of her ninth birthday, a young girl named Addie is gifted a Loglock—a peculiar cipher puzzle that has proven popular among children her age. While excited to transform one word into another using her newfound toy, she soon finds herself lost in a number of real-life puzzles that aren’t so easy to solve. That is, at least, until her night is met with a strange dream.

Join Addie as she chases familiar faces through an especially curious port town in this charming and whimsical coming-of-age story.

Initially launching in Japan on February 3, 2000, by developer +d Software, this cult classic has found a passionate crowd. So, it’s pretty neat to finally see the whole game playable in English from dedicated fans. The gameplay has users move letter pieces to form the requested words, alongside some exploration and character interaction.

A readme file is present detailing what prospective players should know about the title before going into it, such as content warnings and patching instructions.

It’s worth reiterating that this translation project is entirely unofficial and purely fanmade.

You can download this fan translation here.

Thanks to Hilltop Works for sharing this news.

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