Visual Novel ‘Adabana Odd Tales’ Gets Western Release Date on PC

Visual Novel ‘Adabana Odd Tales’ Gets Western Release Date on PC

Aniplex.EXE announced that the Liar-soft developed romance supernatural visual novel Adabana Odd Tales will launch on PC-via Steam on June 19, 2020.

Adabana Odd Tales tells a story of Shirohime, a girl who has lost her memory. She appears to be in a world of monsters when a boy named Kurofude appears and saves her.

Kurofude has the duty of traveling through storybook realms and correcting distortions, which he used to do with Shirohime. He wields a brush as a sword and aims to restore the lost text to illustrated books. Shirohime has an ability that allows her to turn Bookworms, which are evil created that infect storybooks, into ink by touching them.

Adabana Odd Tales is developed by Liar-soft, known for Kindred Spirit on the Roof. The story stars Shirohime, a girl who has lost her memory, and Kurofude. Both my travel through classic Japanese fairy tales with the land of Adabana, which is a realm of book. Their adventure plays out through the narrative of these classic stories.

In case you missed it, check out our preview of the game where we detail our feelings about the two main protagonists and the struggle that they are facing. Furthermore, we give a look into the game’s loop of jumping in and out of storybooks.

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