Game Boy Color Action Sports RPG ‘Xtreme Sports’ Now Available on Switch

WayForward has announced that the action-sports-RPG designed by Shantae series director Matt Bozon, Xtreme Sports, is now available on Nintendo Switch for $9.99. This 2000 Game Boy Color title has now seen a “pixel-perfect adaptation” alongside an art gallery, save states, and several display options.

Throughout the game, players take control of Guppi or her boyfriend, Fin, as they compete to become the new Xtreme Sports Champion on Xtreme Island. Gameplay comprises the following activities to earn medals against over 400 competitors:

  • Skateboarding – Race through courses while performing grinds, grabs, spins, and kickflips, then hit the halfpipe for even more chances to earn points!
  • Street Luge – A vertically scrolling obstacle course! Build up speed, launch off ramps, avoid hazards, and watch out for sharp turns!
  • Surfing – Ride a massive wave, collect stars, and launch from the crest while performing tricks and dodging enemies!
  • In-line Skating – A side-scrolling contest against time! Grind rails, jump over or duck under obstacles, and find the best route in each course!
  • Skyboarding – Leap from a plane, then collect arrows to perform sick tricks as you plummet through the clouds!

Moreover, the island has several secrets and challenges to uncover.

You can view official key art and screenshots for Xtreme Sports via our gallery below:

You can view the game’s launch trailer for Xtreme Sports below:

A physical release via Limited Run Games is also planned.

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