Action Runner ‘Drifting: Weight of Feathers’ Available on PC via Steam; Free Demo Available

Action Runner ‘Drifting: Weight of Feathers’ Available on PC via Steam; Free Demo Available

Publisher Light of Creators and developer Ming Yen Yu have announced that their third-person action title, Drifting: Weight of Feathers, has launched on PC via Steam. Additionally, curious prospective purchasers can try out a free demo.

Drifting: Weight of Feathers has been in development for three years. The game has players take control of Faye, a wanted criminal on the run from the mysterious Intergalactic Empire. During gameplay, players will explore the planet of Bluestar utilizing Faye’s parkour skills and grappling hook ability. Further, gameplay includes puzzle elements that players will have to solve to progress.

Drifting: Weight of Feathers features six levels with varied enemies and challenges. Players can also customize Faye’s hair in the game, with more options available in secret areas around the stages. Movement includes climbing up walls, jumping, flipping, and interacting with the environment.

Here are the bullet points:

  • Third-person fast-paced action gameplay featuring incredible parkour moves as well as the use of Faye’s grappling hook
  • Fluid animations and a versatile control system allow players to run up walls, jump from obstacle to obstacle and float gracefully through the air.
  • Physics-based puzzles that will challenge players’ resolve as well as their intelligence.
  • Seamless map transitions
  • Gamepad Support
  • Customizable hair options for Faye are hidden around each of the game’s six levels.

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