Action RPG ‘Baldo’ Coming Summer 2020 as a Timed Switch Exclusive

During Nintendo’s Indie World presentation, developer Naps Team revealed their two-person created action-RPG Baldo will release in summer 2020 as a time switch exclusive.

Baldo was created for fans of action-adventure RPGs and contained an iconic Japanese anime design after the team had a dream of unifying the two. During the game, players will travel to a magical world full of quests, characters, intricate dungeons, and numerous puzzles to solve.

As players progress the narrative of Baldo, the learn of a prophecy of a pure child being born. Set in the world of Rodia, players assume the role of Baldo, who plays a rather important part of this adventure. You see, a powerful creature that has been sealed away is about to rise again, and it’s up to Baldo to make sure that doesn’t happen. During gameplay, players will find themselves in new dungeons across various themes. Each dungeon requires them to complete several tasks as they make their were through some rather tough enemies. Players can explore the town and surrounding areas as they learn more about the state of the world and unveil all of its mysteries.

Baldo definitely takes inspiration from JRPGs and anime, with the quality of games like Dark Cloud or Ni no Kuni. The game also features an open-world design that allows them to take their time meeting characters and seeing everything that it has to offer. While we don’t know much about the story right now, we are definitely looking forward to going on this beautiful indie adventure.

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