Action RPG ‘Action Taimanin’ Launches Chapter 16 Content in New Update

Gremory Games announced that the Lilith-developed action RPG Action Taimanin has launched a new update on PC-Steam.

Beginning on November 9, players can play through Main Quest Chapter 16: Momochi Toyo Part 2, the renewal of Arena Tower, and costumes for the intimacy system with characters.

This update added three stories, and the latest part of the main chapter will be added on November 9. Users will finally be seeing how the fight between Momochi and the Task Force, which raised many users’ curiosity, will take its course.

In addition, the event story “The Calm Within The Storm,” which is an epilogue of Chapter 16 of the main quest, will be released on the same day. It will be added on the same date to soothe the sadness of the users who have already finished reading the main chapter.

On November 23, the developer plans a new event story launch, The Forgotten Beast and the Targeted Town, depicting what happened to the Task Force.

A new Intimacy system will be added. By increasing a character’s Intimacy level, new actions are possible in the lobby, and additional rewards such as gems and crystal kits can also be obtained. In addition, if users give a character her favorite gift, the Intimacy level can be increased even faster. When the Intimacy level reaches the highest level, effects that help with character growth, such as gaining additional EXP points and increasing the maximum AP, can be obtained, allowing you to experience a game with a different feel compared to before.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the global version of Action Taimanin.

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