Stress-Free Action Title with 10-Minute Game Loops ’34EVERLAST’ Announced for PC

Playism has announced that the Kanata Lab and HYPER REAL-developed action-adventure game 34EVERLAST will launch for PC via Steam in 2024.

This unique title is designed for those exhausted from their real-life jobs but still yearn for the satisfying thrill of action games. Players will be able to clear a gameplay loop in less than ten minutes with intuitive controls. Further, there are no tutorials or game-overs, even if you lose to a boss, as this is designed to be stress-free.

There are also puzzle elements featured, with environmental effects like rain altering the landscapes, and losing to a boss on purpose may make another easier. Players can anticipate over ten different stages that impact each other in some way, as well as over 30 routes.

The story’s premise is quoted below:

In a classroom bathed in the setting sun,a young girl announces that the world is about to end.

There is only one way to survive:
by ending the “worlds that refuse to die” that are parallel to this world.

Who is this girl?
Why is the world ending?
What are the worlds that refuse to die?
Why would ending parallel worlds lead to survival?

In the epic battle for “destiny” that endlessly repeats itself,
all the mysteries of the world weave a single story.

You can view the game’s full key art below:

34everlast 2

You can view the official reveal trailer for 34EVERLAST below:

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