Action-Adventure Pixel RPG ‘LunarLux’ Announces September 2023 PC Release Date

Freedom Games has announced that the CosmicNobab Games-developed action-adventure pixel RPG LunarLux will launch for PC via Steam on September 25, 2023, for $19.99.

A comet centuries ago caused humanity to move on from its life on Terra to its moon, Luna. In the present year, 30XX, the same comet is back on a course to collide with Luna, causing the protagonist, the Lunar Warrior Bella, to take action and prevent this calamity. She also teams up with her robotic sidekick Tetra.

During gameplay, players will have several methods of navigation, such as a spaceship and jet suit. Additionally, petting dogs over 20 times will provide special interactions and plenty of easter eggs are discoverable. Further, you’ll dive into malfunctioned networks that have unique minigame challenges.

Combat comprises a “turn-and-action battle system” boasting 40 active skills and 30 support skills. Moreover, “[filling] the Lux Meter by stacking skills into thousands of special sequences [will] unleash up to 30 powerful Lux Combos.”

Benjamin Tarsa, Director of Publishing, Freedom Games, said the following about this title:

“CosmicNobab crafted LunarLux with so much love —you can feel how much heart and dedication was poured into every aspect of this interstellar story. The attention to detail and dedication makes us proud to help LunarLux to its takeoff!”

You can view official screenshots for LunarLux via our gallery below:

You can view more details via the game’s official Steam page.

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