Action Adventure Game ‘Tunic’ Finally Gets A 2022 Release Date

Finji has announced the release date for Andrew Shouldice’s action adventure game Tunic. The title has been announced for a few years now and it’ll finally be available to play on PC -via Steam-, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on March 16, 2022.

Tunic is an isometric game in which you control a little fox warrior. After waking up on a mysterious beach, it’ll be up to you to explore an island of lost legends guided by your own curiosity. There’ll be perilous areas in which you have to confront enemies in forests, ruins and labyrinths.

The game is supposed to have lots of secrets waiting for the player to explore. Hidden treasures, relics, and new techniques are some of the things players may stumble upon. Unraveling these will be part of the little fox’s big adventure as they try to find out more about the land they are in.

Check out the newest Tunic trailer which revealed the game’s release date:

We’ve covered the game before back in 2018 as an extended developer commentary video was released. It’s also interesting to note it was one of the 40 games that had an Xbox demo in the [email protected] Summer Game Demo Fest. We’ll keep you updated with Tunic news as they come.

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