Action-Adventure Farming Title ‘Kitaria Fables’ Reveals Real-Time Combat with Swords, Bows, and Magic

Publisher PQube has revealed a slew of new gameplay information for the upcoming Kitaria Fables releasing for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and Steam later this year.

Players can alter their build to their own custom frequency, with a variety of combative techniques at their disposal. Swords, bows, and magic will be players’ primary methodologies of attacking enemies. Various resources can also be used to craft armor, weapons, and types of magic.

Sage Alby will grant the usage of magic via an ancient spellbook. The spells revealed so far are fire, water, and wind. Each has its own areas of effect and lucrative payoffs for experimentation. Spell spheres are collectibles players can garner to learn new magic from Sage Alby.

The title also boasts local co-op and remote play via Steam.

You can view the announcement trailer of Kitaria Fables below:

In the peaceful world of Kitaria, the residents peacefully live in harmony with nature. However, the wildlife in the vicinity of Paw Village gradually becomes more and more aggressive, prompting you to be called to discover the truth behind this sudden change in behavior and the rising darkness alongside it.

Players will check on their crops, plant seeds, and harvest produce. There is also a mechanic of becoming friendly with the townsfolk via mini-quests around the village. As these relationships grow, players will garner better and better rewards. Fruits, vegetables, and seeds can also be bought from vendors across the town.

You can view the Steam page for the title here.

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