Academy Visual Novel ‘Hello Lady!’ Delayed in the West to Add Complete Version Assets

NekoNyan announced that the Akatsuki Works-developed visual novel Hello Lady will be delayed due to the developer and publisher agreeing on releasing the Complete Version in the west on PC.

The “Complete Version” or the “Superior Entelecheia” version of Hello Lady will add about 300k words to the game’s localization efforts. However, it will include the Fandisc content as well as five additional h-scenes in the 18+ version. Given the workload, the publisher is giving a “tentative” release window for summer. Given that the publisher has already localized the base version of the game, they will begin testing and QA now to streamline the process.

Hello Lady takes place at the Amakawa Noble Academy, where students attend with hopes of carrying the future of humanity on their shoulders. With 200 “Unpolished Nobles” currently attending the Academy, the school is always on the lookout for new students to add to their ranks. The school’s structure is based on four tiers of proficiency, Etoile, Premiere, Soloist, and Coryphee, depending on the tier the student is in, they are given certain privileges. Crowns are also a tier, who make up the student body, and their are five of them, well, that is until Shinri Narita transfers and is made the sixth crown. Saku Otonashi, another crown, does not like or trust what Narita-san is doing and does what she can to stop him.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on release information of Hello Lady in the west.

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