Made in Abyss-Inspired Adventure ‘Abyss Fantasia’ Coming to PC Next Year; New Trailer Highlights Gameplay

Gamera Game announced they will publish the Dlu Studio-developed hand-drawn fantasy adventure RPG Abyss Fantasia, set to release in 2024 on PC via Steam.

Abyss Fantasia draws inspiration from notable works like “Made in Abyss” and “Ruina: The Ruined City.” Players are immersed in exploring a vast chasm in the central continent, aptly named the “Abyss.” This enigmatic and foreboding place profoundly affects anyone who enters its depths. Individuals with weaker resolve may succumb to madness and transform into monstrous entities. Despite these inherent risks, the Abyss remains a magnet for adventurers seeking its coveted treasures.

Within the Abyss, Yugari will encounter many peculiar characters and experience various events. Players will utilize a diverse range of items to solve puzzles, make choices that impact the fates of other characters, and shape the ongoing narrative.

To confront the problematic and otherworldly denizens of the Abyss, players will engage in battles employing an assortment of cards and unusual items. The versatility of these cards, capable of producing different effects in varying situations, underscores the importance of adaptable card usage and imaginative strategies for achieving victory.

Players must periodically return to the border town of “Cynthia” to safeguard their sanity to replenish supplies. Here, Yugari can prepare for her next Abyss expedition while immersing herself in the town’s culture and interacting with its residents. Players can gather provisions, craft new equipment, and select unique “relics” to aid their exploration.

Abyss Fantasia boasts meticulously hand-drawn scenes, immersing players in the visually captivating world of the Abyss. Players will encounter bizarre and formidable monsters as they delve deeper into its depths. Battles against these creatures involve strategically deploying cards and relics, unveiling unexpected effects through creative combinations. The dynamic nature of these cards, adapting to diverse circumstances, requires players to wield them wisely and employ their creativity to emerge victorious in combat.

You can watch the reveal trailer below:

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