Abandoned Will Release When it’s Ready

BlueBox Studios recently tweeted out a six-second video of Abandoned, with a man walking towards a door, asking one simple question. Are you ready?

Well, unfortunately, the app on PS5 was not ready. Blue Box Studios delayed the experience fifteen minutes after the content was supposed to go live. At the time, the developer stated that there was a technical issue with the patch’s delivery. However, the studio did assure us that they would announce when the patch would officially go live.

Today, a follow-up tweet was posted about the situation, reminding us that they are a small studio with resources fitting a smaller company. Earlier follow-up tweets did state that the issue was bigger than first expected. They apologized for the inconvenience of not giving a release date for the content; instead, it will go live when they feel that the quality was up to their own standards.

However, the posts are still vague about what is going on and why the patch has been delayed. Normally, you would get at least some clue whether it was an A-class bug found, with the worst-case releasing the experience with the bugs there. Instead, the situation is already adding more fuel to the fire of what exactly Abandoned is.

At this point, it’s hard to speculate whether this is to tie further into the marketing of Abandoned or if this issue just happened to be a poorly timed coincidence. Either way, all this waiting is hyping up fans to the point that they won’t be satisfied if the game turns out to be something else entirely.

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