‘Abandoned’ Prologue Apparently Releasing During Quarter 1 2022, Stated to be Full Game; App Updating ‘Shortly’

‘Abandoned’ Prologue Apparently Releasing During Quarter 1 2022, Stated to be Full Game; App Updating ‘Shortly’

The tale of Abandoned has been a truly bizarre one. From the numerous theories revolving around its supposed connection to Silent Hill to perhaps being a secretive project by Hideo Kojima, the rumor mill for this mystery of a game has been constantly ongoing. Less than an hour ago, the official Twitter account for Blue Box Game Studios replied to a user noting the title’s recent absence.

The reply from Blue Box Game Studios stated the following, “We will be releasing an update for the app shortly with new trailers and content. The Prologue is a full game and not a demo or trailer. Hope this gave you some clearity.” Just to be transparent, that typo of clarity was on their end. Then again, maybe it’s intentional to uncovering a larger plot in the making?! Who knows.

The statement from that tweet giving me the most pause is that the Prologue is a full game, whatever that means.

Additionally, the Studio account replied to another user inquiring about a release window for this upcoming content. The reply was as follows:

“That is a challenge. We don’t want to make the same mistakes again. So a precise date for this is hard to say. All we can say is shortly, as it won’t take long anymore. We just want to set the right presentation in the trailer.”

Lastly, the Twitter banner for Blue Box Game Studios has been altered, with it now saying the Abandoned Prologue is releasing during Quarter 1 of 2022.

So, essentially, don’t expect any news is the best advice I can give. While I do doubt that this project is legitimate in any way, let alone a Silent Hill revival, I am admittedly intrigued in seeing what results from this title, if anything at all.

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