Dark Fantasy Open-World RPG ‘A3: Still Alive’ Launches Worldwide

Netmarble has launched its newest dark fantasy open-world RPG A3: Still Alive, which will launch on iOS and Android.

A3: Still Alive is based on A3, which is a PC game from South Korea. This cross-genre mobile release takes open-world RPG systems and blends them with the Battle Royale genre. The game is set in an apocalyptic fantasy world where players compete in an always-open PvP environment and fight against enemies as they search for stronger equipment.

A3: Still Alive continues the tradition of Netmarble releasing high-quality and vibrant mobile MMORPGs filled with stunning graphics and core gameplay that sets the trend for future mobile games,” said Joong Sun Chang, Executive Producer of Netmarble. “Working on a game with darker and grim subject matter and the team’s expertise in creating extremely fun MMORPG gameplay, was definitely an amazing experience.”

Players can also compete in PvP and PvE encounters through the Castle Siege, Dark Presence, and World Boss content. The game was developed in Unity Engine with 3D rendered characters and environments. At launch, players can play as five classes, Berserkers (Physical Melee DPS), Templars (Magical / Physical Tank), and Wizards (Magical Ranged DPS) to Assassins (Physical DPS) and Archers (Ranged DPS).

New players will also receive a handful of in-game rewards to get a headstart in the main campaign for easier earlier encounters.

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