A3! Otome Anime Game Ends Support in October; More Gacha Otome Boys Left to Die in a Digital Grave

A3! Otome Anime Game Ends Support in October; More Gacha Otome Boys Left to Die in a Digital Grave

Cybird announced that they had held a meeting with A3! IP holder Liber Entertainment determined that it is no longer possible to continue support A3!, an otome mobile game available on iOS and Android. This affects only the English version of the game at the point of writing.

In a statement, the publisher announced that they had worked hard to support the game for two years, but it has not turned profitable, so they must step away. Players can still play the game from what is there and interact with their already obtained Actors and stories, but no new Events, Tryouts, or other campaigns will be added from late October to early November onward.

Here is the complete statement from the publisher:

Since the October 2019 release, we have been able to continue operating A3! for two years. However, due to factors affecting the viability of continued operation, we have had to make some difficult decisions regarding the future of the game.

After much deliberation, we have concluded that it is no longer possible to continue operating A3!.

Upon discussions with the IP holder of A3!, Liber Entertainment Inc., it has been decided that no further Events, Tryouts or other campaigns will be added after around late October and early November.

We apologize to all of our users for the sudden nature of this announcement, and ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

Please note that A3! will remain open. From November onwards, players will still be able to access the game. Content that players have already obtained such as Actors and stories will not be affected.

Further information regarding ceasing operations of A3! will be made available in future in-game announcements.

The staff of A3! extends their heartfelt thanks to all of the users who have played and enjoyed the game since its release.

A lot of in-game content has been prepared for October and the 2nd Anniversary, so we look forward to your continued support.

It’s always sad to see these otome boys be lost to a digital grave. All those gacha roles later only to have their existence wiped from the silicon chips of our hearts. Still, there will be more neatly colored-haired boys to take their place and possibly fill this void in our soul, but nothing can fill the void of being whaled on a game that ends in 2 years.

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