Light Novel ‘A Tale of the Secret Saint’ Licensed for Western Release

Seven Seas Entertainment announced that they have acquired the license to localize and distribute the light novel and manga series A Tale of the Secret Saint by Touya, chibi, and Mahito Aobe.

The publisher announced that they would publish the light novel in both print and digital forms in single volume editions with volume 1 scheduled to release in October 2021 for $13.99. The manga adaptation will release in both print and digital forms in single volume editions beginning in November 2021 for $12.99.

A Tale of the Secret Saint follows Fia, who dreams of becoming a knight. Evidently, Fia was born into a family of knights, but she is the least talented among them. Still, she holds onto hope and trains with everything she’s got. One day, she is tasked with slaying a small demon to prove her world, but she ends up fighting a dragon instead. The battle leads her to a near-death experience where her life flashes before her eyes, and she remembers a former life as a powerful Saint in a bygone era who defeated the Demon King.

The life ended painfully, causing her to forget about ever becoming a Saint again, but now she has rekindled that power and is ready to take on any challenges that come her way.

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