A Space For The Unbound Preview – Reintroducing Imagination

A Space For The Unbound Preview – Reintroducing Imagination

The power of imagination is something that I feel like I’ve lost over time. I find that I use video games to reconnect with my younger mind as I explore new words through fantastical situations. In the first moments of A Space For The Unbound, I had to remind myself what it was like having an imagination as two friends comfortably discussed magic books and spaceships. Their conversation was so carefree and supportive as if it were normal to jump into the hearts of people and unlock their desires.

A Space For The Unbound introduces us to Atma and Nirmala as they are eagerly finishing a book that they are writing together. However, we also find out that the two are in tune with some supernatural powers as Atma uses a magic red book to jump into the heart of Nirmala and allow her to have the confidence to write the final chapter. It’s an element that the game will return to in later parts, but its introduction is so nonchalant that you just accept it for what it is.

It’s not completely clear what kind of world these two live in or what their relationship is. The two of them seem to riff off of each other in conversation, but then things come to a halt when Nirmala says something like “remember that thing” or “I’ve been working on this for three weeks,” while Atma is none-the-wiser. We find out more about Nirmala and her living situation as Atma breaks into her room to retrieve a magic wand. Her dad isn’t in a good mental place at the moment and is taking it out on her. There’s a pretty powerful scene that explains this, and it definitely gets the point across.

A Space For The Unbound 2

A Space For The Unbound features adventure and visual novel elements as players must find ways to retrieve items and complete puzzles required while exploring someone’s heart. There isn’t much of this in the demo, but you get a taste of it when trying to retrieve a ladder.

The prologue ends on a cliffhanger where we meet a girl named Raya. However, it’s not relayed to the player what’s a dream or reality, but it leaves you wanting more. One issue that I found is that the English dialogue is a little broken, with some sentences not really flowing, but I’m sure that can be fixed over time. I also wish there was a dedicated run button instead of pressing the directional button twice.

A Space For The Unbound 4

A Space For The Unbound has reintroduced me to the magic of imagination. The characters are complex, and the world is begging to be explored as we learn more about Atma, and this truly unique situation that he’s found himself in. I’m excited about this game’s existence, and I can’t wait to see how this adventure ends.

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