A New ‘Summoners War’ Title ‘Summoners War: Lost Centuria’ Has Been Revealed; Get a Look at Concept Art Images

Summoners War is a huge mobile hit, even to the point of it getting its own animated short film from The Walking Dead series producers. Given the success of the title, it’d be a no-brainer for a new Summoners War title to be in the works. Well, Com2uS is doing just that as the studio has revealed a new mobile RTS title Summoners War: Lost Centuria and has shared some concept art images for it as well. As of right now, a release date for the title hasn’t been announced.

The new title borrows elements from the original Summoners War as via a press release, the developer mentioned how Summoners War: Lost Centuria “highlights the strategy and battle content within the original game’s worldview and story.” Also given the information provided in the same press release, it seems that Summoners War: Lost Centuria will be a sort of prequel to Summoners War as Summoners War: Lost Centuria story will span a 100-year war era that occurred prior to the original story timeline.

Unlike the original title that had turn-based RPG combat and dungeon raids with other players, the new title will have players take part in tactical battles in which players will manage their own territory and compete against other players in real-time to steal their territories. Another difference is how Summoners War: Lost Centuria will have a more high quality, realistic style art style that’ll transform the look of the original characters in Summoners War.  There will also be additional changes that’ll appeal fans as “the development team is creating various types of content, characters, and skills to provide familiarity for the original game fans.”

To bring the new title to life, Com2uS plans to collaborate with global partners to help with development, and the company aims to hold a “focus group test” (I’m assuming they mean beta test) this year.

This won’t be the last Summoners War title, though, since Com2uS plans to expand and develop more games based on the game, so who knows what will come next.

We don’t have screenshots or a trailer for Summoners War: Lost Centuria yet, but once we do, we’ll give you an update. For now, check out some concept art images:

Author’s take: RTS games, especially mobile RTS games, are on the rise. It makes sense for Com2uS to make an RTS game based on Summoners War.  

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