Puzzle Adventure ‘A Fold Apart’ Gets PS4 and Xbox One Release Date

Lightning Rod Games announced that their puzzle adventure, A Fold Apart, will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 19.

A Fold Apart follows the emotional rollercoaster of a long-distance relationship. The game’s narrative aims to use paper folding puzzles to present a true-to-life and relatable story about two people in love. The game features over 50 puzzles for players to work through using 3D graphics that resemble a “homemade” paper aesthetic. The game also allows players to choose the couple that best represents them.

A Fold Apart tells the story of a Teacher and Architect who’s careers force them to separate. However, they vow to continue their relationship and make it work at any cost. Throughout the game, players will experience the relationship from both sides of the story. The game will show the complexities of their situation and how communication will play a huge role in the relationship’s success.

Players will need to flip, fold, and unfold paper puzzles in their handcrafted worlds to help the couple overcome the “emotional barriers of their relationship.” However, it’s not set in stone if they will endure or not.

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The game is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC-via Steam.

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