Free Grim Reaper Romance Chatsim ‘A Date with Death’ Gets December Release Date

Two and a Half Studios has announced the release date for their free chat simulator A Date with Death. The game about romancing the Grim Reaper online will be available on PC (Steam) on December 7, 2023. A demo is already available in case you’d like to check the game in advance.

A Date with Death tells the story of an ordinary person who seems to actually have defied death many times by pure luck. However, the Grim Reaper himself calls you over on a strange program on your computer. It’s time for him to claim your soul.

However, you’ll have the chance to resist his charms, daring to keep your self intact. Death makes a bet with you, and if he fails to claim your soul by the end of this whole week of interactions, you may be able to avoid your dire fate,

The concept of the game revolves around the main mechanic of chatting with this individual who claims to be Death, unlocking multiple endings with your choices. You’ll have the chance to customize your character at any time with physical appearance, pronoums and name changes.

Your appartment is customizable, allowing you to adjust the decorations to create a cozy place. You can also have a furry or scaley pet who may help you chill during what could possibly be the last week of your life.

Check out the opening video for A Date with Death:

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