A Certain Scientific Mental Out Manga Volume 3 Announced for Japan January 2024; Features New 100-Page Novel, “The Queen’s Play”

A Certain Scientific Mental Out Manga Volume 3 Announced for Japan January 2024; Features New 100-Page Novel, “The Queen’s Play”

Kadokawa has announced that the third volume of the ongoing spinoff manga of A Certain Magical IndexA Certain Scientific Mental Out, will launch in Japan on January 10, 2024.

Set to cost ¥1,540, this release will also include a newly written 100-page short story by franchise author Kazuma Kamachi titled “The Queen’s Play.”

Additionally, the cover of the third manga volume of A Certain Scientific Mental Out was revealed, alongside a second illustration depicting the cover of “The Queen’s Play.”

A Certain Scientific Mental Out focuses on Misaki Shokuhou, the fifth-ranked Level 5 of Academy City, one of the franchise’s central locations, a hub of Espers. In this city, youths undergo the Power Curriculum Program, which allows them to gain supernatural abilities. Of the roughly 2.3 million students who reside here, each is ranked from 0 through 5, with one’s Esper ability adequacy denoted by those rankings. Level 0s are mostly powerless, while Level 5s possess the power to rival world militaries.

Misaki’s ability is Mental Out, comprising various techniques to seize the human mind, such as mind control and reading people’s memories and thoughts. She attends Tokiwadai Middle School and is known as The Queen of Tokiwadai/Queen Bee because she possesses the largest clique and influence there. Further, she and Mikoto Misaka, the third-ranked Level 5 who attends the same academy, are seen as rivals.

Misaki plays a pivotal role in certain arcs throughout A Certain Scientific Railgun, and integral facets of her character are revealed in A Certain Magical Index New Testament, notably her history with franchise protagonist Touma Kamijou.

Two volumes are currently available for purchase: chapters 1-6 and 7-13, respectively. The third volume of the manga will at least include chapters 14 through 21, which was the latest launch.

You can view the cover illustrations for the third volume of A Certain Scientific Mental Out and “The Queen’s Play” below:

You can view the official Kadokawa store page for additional details.

A Certain Magical Index originated as a light novel series before expanding into several other media, such as video games and manga adaptations. In fact, entire spinoffs have been birthed from Magical Index, including the significantly more popular A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Regardless, the Magical Index light novel is still ongoing, as it’s in the midst of its third series, Genesis Testament. The three seasons of the anime have adapted the first light novel series, known as Old Testament. As of now, the second light novel series taking place right after the first, New Testament, has yet to receive an anime adaption.

While countless events and developments occur, A Certain Magical Index primarily follows protagonist Touma Kamijou, a high schooler residing in Academy City, a locale full of Espers. He is a Level 0, those whose Esper abilities are the lowest of the low.

However, Touma is different from the rest of the city since he seemingly has no latent Esper ability at all, instead possessing a mysterious power known as the Imagine Breaker in his right hand, which negates all supernatural phenomena. After meeting a young girl named Index, Touma ends up entangled in various plots involving the Science side and veiled Magic side of the world.

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