‘A Certain Scientific Accelerator’ Opening & Ending Officially Uploaded by NBCUniversal

Company NBCUniversal has frequently been uploading various anime openings and endings, much to the convenience of several fans.

And NBCUniversal has continued publishing official videos for the To Aru anime adaptions’ openings and endings. They previously shared every opening and ending sequence for A Certain Magical Index, and they have now done the same for A Certain Scientific Accelerator.

This series is a spinoff of A Certain Magical Index and began as a manga instead of as a light novel. It concluded its run in July 2020 across 12 volumes. A Certain Scientific Accelerator focuses on the titular Accelerator, Academy City’s strongest Level 5. He was initially an antagonist in A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun. However, despite Accelerator’s horrific acts, he has easily become a fan favorite character.

There was also an…interesting spinoff of this spinoff titled A Certain Idol Accelerator-sama, which focused on Academy City’s Level 5s becoming idols. This manga ran for 4 volumes and concluded its run in November 2018. Would be wild if that ever got adapted.

Anyway, you can view the opening and ending for A Certain Scientific Accelerator below. The company is currently in the process of uploading each opening and ending for A Certain Scientific Railgun.

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