A Certain Magical Index New Testament Trends as Fans Request 4th Anime Season

Dengeki recently hosted their Dengeki Bunko 30th Summer Festival Online 2023, which hosted a plethora of news for several anime, manga, and light novels. One particular element of the event had the company announce anime adaptations for light novel series, and there was one unfortunate exclusion.

A Certain Magical Index, a still ongoing light novel series well over 40 volumes in, did not receive an announcement for a fourth anime season. For those unaware, the anime has had three seasons, which adapted the first series of light novels, known as Old Testament, concluding at the end of the World War III arc.

A Certain Magical Index originated as a light novel series before expanding into several other media, such as video games and manga adaptations. In fact, entire spinoffs have been birthed from Magical Index, including the significantly more popular A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Regardless, the Magical Index light novel is in the midst of its third series, Genesis Testament. As of now, the second light novel series taking place right after the first, New Testament, has yet to receive an anime adaption. New Testament would be next if the anime were to continue. Yen Press has only licensed the light novels for Old Testament, too, so fans are also hoping for an announcement of that series to hit the West.

To be honest, even though A Certain Magical Index is my favorite light novel series and generally just one of my favorite IPs ever made, I’m unsure if a fourth anime season would do well. I would certainly welcome it and be excited about it, but the quality of the anime’s third season left much to be desired, so I’m left somewhat mixed. Still, I’ll always be excited for more Magical Index. Regardless of how hopeless it may seem, I’ll ultimately hope for a fourth anime season deep in my heart.

While niche, #NTIndex has been trending on Twitter in the West and Japan, albeit to varying extents. Hopefully, fans’ voices are heard enough for New Testament to finally be adapted. There are some truly terrific scenes and arcs in New Testament that I’d love to see in motion, even with the aforementioned concern of their quality.

While countless events and developments occur, A Certain Magical Index primarily follows protagonist Touma Kamijou, a high schooler residing in Academy City, a locale full of Espers. He is a Level 0, those whose Esper abilities are the lowest of the low.

However, Touma is different from the rest of the city since he seemingly has no latent Esper ability at all, instead possessing a mysterious power known as the Imagine Breaker in his right hand, which negates all supernatural phenomena. After meeting a young girl named Index, Touma ends up entangled in various plots involving the Science side and veiled Magic side of the world.

A gacha game, A Certain Magical Index: Imaginary Fest, is still ongoing, with many major characters and arcs never seen in the anime actually being depicted in-game.

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