Sci-Fi Roguelike Action Shooter ‘9th Sentinel Sisters’ Announced by Live Wire

Developer and publisher Live Wire, known for their work on Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights and Radiant Silvergun, has announced their new roguelike action game, 9th Sentinel Sisters.

Planned to launch for PC via Steam early access at a currently undisclosed date, players can expect “16 types of weapons, 37 types of reinforcement parts, three heroes, and one strategy route.” Further, the early access state is planned to be the norm from six months to a full year.

In 9th Sentinel Sisters, a meteorite of unknown origin once crash-landed on Earth, spawning alien creatures known as “Bleed” roughly ten thousand years later when humanity thrived. As it turned out, the meteorite housed the eggs of these extraterrestrial life forms, which devour stars.

Humanity eventually fell to this threat, save for a few survivors who built shelters underground called Arks. The remaining humans poured all their effort into crafting two weapons to combat the Bleed threat: the manned weapon called “Father” and “a combat clone soldier, taking the form of a young girl who piloted the “Father.”

The gameplay features side-scrolling twin-stick shooting with full controller support and a vast degree of replayability reliant on the numerous avenues of builds one can utilize.

You can wishlist 9th Sentinel Sisters on Steam.

You can view the first trailer for 9th Sentinel Sisters below:

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