Supernatural Visual Novel ‘9-nine-: Episode 4′ Announced for the West

Sekai Project announced that they will publish the Palette-developed 9-nine-: Episode 4 in the west on PC.

Before we get into the premise, there may be spoilers for the story, and 9-nine- Episode 3 has not released in the west yet.

9-nine- Episode 4 takes players back to Shiromitsugawa City as Niimi Kakeru has finally put a stop to the man using Artifacts for evil. Kakeru has also discovered the mastermind behind their arrival in the first place. Sophitia asks him to bring the mastermind down, and so he returns to the very beginning using his ability to observe parallel worlds.

Now, on the day of the festival, when the earthquake occurs, Kakeru has the knowledge of his previous lives. This story will uncover the truth behind the Artifact’s arrival, and settle the score with the Evil Eye’s User. This entry stars the heroine, Yukki Noa.

9-nine- Episode is set in the town of Shiromitsugawa, where some mysterious Artifacts have been discovered that give the User superpowers. Players will become closer to the heroines throughout the visual novel and unlock the possibility of romance between them. However, they’ll still need to solve the murder mystery and find the culprit behind a series of murders.

You can watch the trailer below:

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