Here’s Over 40 Screenshots of Gal*Gun Returns to Give You a Jump Start at Finding Best Girl

PQube released over 40 new screenshots of the Inti Creates-developed on-rails shooter Gal*Gun Returns, coming to Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam on February 12.

The screenshots highlight the game’s story mode, where players traverse the world through an on-rails shooter style gameplay mode. Along the way, they’ll meet characters, collect items, and send girls to euphoria using their powers. The screenshots also highlight the game’s Doki Doki mode, where players can shoot the girls in all the right spots.

Gal*Gun Returns tells the story of a young man who becomes super popular with his female counterparts as they torture him with love and affection. Yes, he must live the tragic life of having every lady trying to confess their love for him.

Luckily, the hero has a special weapon known as the Pheromone Shot, which he can use to rid himself of the females throwing themselves at him. His goal, to win the love and affection of one of the main heroines. The gameplay is an on-rails shooter as players traverse through levels and take girls to Euophiria by shooting them.

This remaster has new CGs, Story Mode, Score Attack Mode, multi-person Doki Doki Mode, and all new Doki Doki Carnivale. Additionally, the DLC is back, and their is also full voice acting. However, most importantly, there are 423 types of panties, which is definitely the highlight.

Sadly, the game was recently canceled on Xbox One.

You can check out the screenshots below:

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