3v3 Online Multiplayer VR Game ‘Brazen Blaze’ Announced

Developer MyDearest has announced its newest title, Brazen Blaze. Occurring in the titular anarcho-capitalist world, an international fighting tournament to determine the President of the world is all that’s keeping society from becoming a dystopia. Participants travel around the world to face each other “in locations evocative of the real world.”

The gameplay will comprise 3v3 online multiplayer battles in virtual reality, as players dash, jump, grapple, shoot, and punch opponents off stages. Further, each character has their own specialties to spice up the chaos.

Richard Khoo, Former Riot, Blizzard, and more Systems Designer, said the following:

“Having developed real-time PvP games for decades, I’ve observed that mastery—both in combat mechanics and in freedom of movement—is a cornerstone of player engagement. Brazen Blaze has masterfully blended these elements, offering a distinctive twist to the battle arena genre. The game’s immersive VR dimension adds unparalleled depth, setting players right in the middle of the action.

Even in its pre-alpha stage, Brazen Blaze exuded potential, tantalizingly hinting at the richness of the full experience that included carefully crafted characters with special powers and personalities. I love the mix of close-quarter combat and strategic long-range attacks, all set against a backdrop of destructible environments. There’s tremendous promise here, even in the early pre-alpha stage, and I eagerly await the full release.”

Warren Ellis, Creator of Netflix’s Castlevania, Transmetropolitan, said the following:

“This was a wonderful project to work on. Helping to develop characters who are weird and fun, but also reflect some of the struggles going on in the world was a really interesting challenge, made much easier by the incredible work already done by the team. It was a joy to do, and I hope everyone likes the game.”

Brian Alagao, Former Producer at Activision, Respawn Entertainment, and Skydance, said the following:

“[Brazen Blaze is] a fresh take from your standard VR FPS experience. Super fun fast paced close quarter combat coupled with long range weapon attacks! Destructible environments and unique character skills! The gameplay left me wanting more… and I was only playing the prototype. Lots of potential here…I can’t wait to play the full release!”

Thrillseeker, Notable VR Influencer and YouTuber, said the following:

“MyDearest has built something really special with Brazen Blaze. It captures that same intensely fun feeling of couch co-op casual-competitive games and translates it to VR. Brazen Blaze feels like the epitome of the ‘okay, just one more round’- and then saying that 5 more times. Just pure, simple, unadulterated fun.”

You can view the alpha announcement trailer for Brazen Blue below:

Brazen Blue is planned to launch for PC via Steam.

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