30XX Takes the Series in a New Art Direction for the Better

During PAX East 2020, Batterystaple showed off an early build of their newest title 30XX. The rogue-like platformer is a sequel to 2014’s 20XX and is heavily inspired by the Mega Man X series.

This time around, the visuals in the game present a more 16-bit aesthetic. “This is the way the series should have looked” Chris King the creative director said referencing the original 20XX’s art direction. The art and animation on 30XX is provided by Glauber Kotaki. Kotaki previously worked on titles like Rogue Legacy and Duelyst. “Glauber gave the series a fresh new look with a retro pixel feel,” Chris King said, “He’s an amazing artist. We also have beautiful promotional art by Bonuslevel”

30xx 1

30XX maintains many of the same gameplay elements of its predecessor. However, now, the weapon options have been significantly increased. “There are 8 base weapons so it gives you a total of 64 weapon combinations”.

Co-op mode makes a return, allowing 2 players to play as the X inspired character Nina, and the sword-wielding protagonist Ace. This was a feature the Mega Man X series surprisingly never had but 20XX was highly praised for.

30xx 2

Although there is no set release date, the promotion jokingly states “coming in the year 30XX”. Based on the build and how far along it is, we might not have to wait that long to dash, blast, and slash again.

30XX is coming to PC-via Steam and consoles.

Key art made by Bonus Level.

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