Roguelite Platformer ’30XX’ Launches Major Update Adding New Characters & Gameplay Features

Roguelite Platformer ’30XX’ Launches Major Update Adding New Characters & Gameplay Features

Batterystaple Games announced that their retro action platformer 30XX has received the Revenant’s Rise update, implementing various gameplay features.

Two new Hard Mode characters, Revenants Vike and Jest, have joined. Players will gain access to these new variants of Nina and Ace by completing the game with five or more Entropy difficulty modifiers enabled.

Further, four new Entropy Conditions have been added, including Endless Endeavor, enabling gameplay past level eight for as long as possible. Another new Condition is Twisted Glory, adding more hazard conditions to Glory Zones and Contemplation Rooms.

Even more newly added features are a “revamped Mega Mode campaign setup, more than twenty new Augments, and four new Prototypes, unlockable character color palettes and a color palette selector in HQ, as well as updated UI layouts and visual elements.”

You can view the full patch notes for this latest 30XX update here. The new content is available on Steam, with Switch users set to receive it “soon.”

30XX recently sold over 100,000 units worldwide.

30XX offers players a nostalgic gaming experience with its fast action, precise platforming, and captivating sprite work. The game boasts characters with fully distinct playstyles; one can master Ace’s swift and combo-friendly techniques, while another can delve into Nina’s intricate Power Fusion system, enhancing replayability.

What sets 30XX apart is its ability to provide a fresh adventure every time you play, featuring new levels, items, and powers, ensuring that no two sessions are alike. The roguelike-style progression allows players to tailor the game’s systems and difficulty even after achieving victory.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a robust level editor, akin to the tools used by developers, empowers players to craft individual-level segments or entire custom campaigns. With local and online multiplayer functionalities, 30XX also offers the opportunity to enjoy its engaging world with a friend.

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